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Preparing for OATH’s Amnesty Program

How can your team best take advantage – and potentially save thousands – through OATH’s upcoming amnesty program? Join the team at Cohen Hochman & Allen as they review how you can prepare & what to expect for this limited-time offering.

Feature 15: InCheck and Yardi

Get a live demo of InCheck’s Yardi Integration, and see how your team can save time by ensuring your most critical systems are connected and working in tandem.

FDNY Presents: Code & Compliance Review

Join the FDNY’s Inspector Roche for a presentation on building code compliance & best practices, including enforcement, the latest regulations, and ways your team can stay on top of fire safety requirements and avoid fines.

Creating A Winning Compliance Strategy For Your Team

You’ve learned a lot about various regulations all day – now’s the time to put it all together and create the ultimate compliance strategy for your team. Join Prise for a panel on compliance preparation, planning, and execution to minimize risk & reduce fines across your portfolio.

Announcements & Checkmark Awards

We honor the best of the best in the property operations industry with this year’s Checkmark Awards, given to individuals and organizations in the community.

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